Thursday, March 26, 2009

WEB 2.0--What does this mean to us

These articles broaden our understanding of what Web 2.0 is. I had the good fortune to read the OCLC article when it came out. It stills say a great deal to me.

Whoever wrote this in our "23 things" expresses it well.
"Library 2.0 is not solely about technology; instead, it advocates the leveraging of technology, when necessary, to propel constant and purposeful change in the library as well as to meet the needs of increased user participation in the evaluation and creation of library services."

The whole idea about the iceberg potential makes a great deal of sense and helps us to recognize that our purpose as librarians goes so much further than inside the walls of a building. I liked what Rick Anderson said, "We have to be a bit more humble in the current environment, and find new ways to bring our services to patrons rather than insisting that they come to us—whether physically or virtually. At a minimum, this means placing library services and content in the user’s preferred environment (i.e., the Web); even better, it means integrating our services into their daily patterns of work, study and play."

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